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[ga] Focus re: deletions and transfers role of GA

Here is my position on the matters of registration and our role;

1.    Big business and government will take care of their own in
their own self interest.
2.    The GA is currently the only body and forum with any nexus
to regulatory behavior that can represent the users.
(users - IDNH, Engineers, programmers, online shoppers, family
web site operators, ICANNwatch, the blog and yes even my
shoeshine boys in Vietnam)
3.    Regulatory and Contractual matters that we may influence
should be for the good of said users.  Registrars, Registries, large
@homes, excites do not need our help except to curb their excesses.

So with goals of stability, accessibility and security what can we best
Advise, suggestion, demands, regulation, criteria, protocols and even
How can we make this effective?
We must build within our own house the tools to propagate and form
a united consensual front.  Our Office Cocktail parties are great and
our chat rooms are a delight but we must agree at the end of the night
to meet the next day in our own working groups and get it done.

I am not saying we are broken I am saying that we are evolving and
"If we build it they will come".

I will be very happy to provide specifics on my working group models
should anyone care.


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