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Re: [ga] For those interested in delete games

Monday, Monday, January 07, 2002, 5:29:47 PM, Rick H Wesson wrote:

> all:

> I request the community to develop a concise list of requirements for
> proposals to solve the issues with a registry deleting domains names in
> batch.

> It would be wonderful if we had a consensus document on the requirements
> so that we can effectively evaluate the proposals.

This is easy.

There is no need for additional proposals, Verisign should resolve the
technical problems they may be having, and the current system should
stand unless and until there is a REAL need for changing it.

Verisign should be required to substantiate the NEED For a change in
the current system, and pointing out PRECISELY what problems exist in
the current system that warrant a change in the way this process
works, and then a process should be developed and approved of that
resolve the problems.

Verisign is instead trying to use the existence of a fictional problem
to justify creating a new program that will make up for the tremendous
loss of market share that their Registrar has experienced in the last
2 years and create a completely new profit center for them.

Best regards,
William X Walsh <william@wxsoft.info>

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