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Re: [ga] For those interested in delete games

On Mon, 7 Jan 2002 17:43:43 -0800, William X Walsh wrote:

> Verisign is instead trying to use the existence of a fictional problem
> to justify creating a new program that will make up for the tremendous
> loss of market share that their Registrar has experienced in the last
> 2 years and create a completely new profit center for them.

According to Roberto Gaetano, Chuck Gomes wrote:

> Since 1996, there have been potential domain name holders who have
> requested some sort of wait list service in case domain names are
> released into the available pool.  The service at the registrar level
> was a response to this demand.  Putting the service at the registry
> level improves the value of the service for potential registrants.

On Sun, 6 Jan 2002 20:11:12 -0500, Chuck Gomes wrote:

> Please help me understand your conclusion.  It clearly does not follow
> from what I said.  Even under this proposed service, the registrar is
> extremely important.  It is the registrar that is the direct interface
> with the customer, that provides the customer service, that markets the
> service, etc.

On Sun, 6 Jan 2002 21:18:08 -0500, Chuck Gomes wrote:

> There is and will continue to be clear separation between the VeriSign
> Registry and VeriSign Registrar regardless of how much people refuse
> to believe it.

Hi Chuck

You are saying that there is a clear distinction between the registry and
registrar operations.   At the same time, you are saying that a decision was
made to provide this new service at the registry level rather than that of the
registrar, ok?

So let's see if I have got this right.  The assumption is that if the
registrar were completely detached from the registry, the registrar would be
happy for the registry to generate income from this new business opportunity.

Which implies that OTHER registrars (i.e. other than VeriSign) support the

However, William X. Walsh seems to be suggesting that the reason the
proposal is being introduced relates, in some way, to the Verisign registrar's
decline in market share with respect to renewed domain names.

In other words, if the majority of registrars agree that the function of
reserving domain names prior to their deletion should be performed by the
registry then it would seem to be a sound proposition objectively.

Could you advise me, please, whether you have any indication that other
ICANN-accredited registrars are, in fact, supportive of VeriSign's initiative?

Best regards
Patrick Corliss

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