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RE: [ga] RE: [icann-delete] Proposal: Registry Re-circulation System


--- Dassa <dassa@dhs.org> wrote:
> If the names were dropped at random times throughout the 24/365
> period
> with no indication of when a specific name may be dropped (no known
> expiry date/time) then any hammering becomes ineffective and
> redundant.

Exactly the opposite -- as long as you continue to hammer the system
24x365 more than competitors, the greater the chance that you will be
successful while your opponents would be unsuccessful. Consider the
case this way: suppose you reduce your "checks" to only once 5 times a
day, under your random drop time method. If I instead check 500 times a
day, I'll have a much better chance at getting the name. Think of this
as going after fish -- would you want to use a net with mesh with 10
feet spaces (corresponding to infrequent checks), or 1 inch spaces
(corresponding to frequent checks)? The finer mesh will catch a lot
more fish! By restricting fishing to only 1 hour a day, we reduce the
load on our boat engines.


George Kirikos

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