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RE: [ga] RE: [icann-delete] Proposal: Registry Re-circulation System

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|> Subject: [ga] RE: [icann-delete] Proposal: Registry 
|> Re-circulation System
|> Hello,
|> > With regard to the hammering, the simple solution is to not make
|> > expiration date publicly available and to delete the names at
|> > times. 
|> This wouldn't work, as folks would pound the registry 24 hours a day,
|> 365 days a year. The current system (albeit with greater certainty as
|> to the exact day a name will drop) works fine, as they get 
|> deleted at 2 pm on a certain day (+/- 1 day). 

The same throttling you put forward for the drop times could be
implemented over the whole period.  The argument doesn't support having
a fixed drop time as that increases the hammering.  

If the names were dropped at random times throughout the 24/365 period
with no indication of when a specific name may be dropped (no known
expiry date/time) then any hammering becomes ineffective and redundant.
Limitations built into the system would also ensure no hammering can
occur and would put all players onto a more equal field where network
infrastructure would play a minimal part.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch. 

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