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[ga] Re: Fw: [icann-delete] Proposal: Registry Re-circulation System


With regards to the Afternic proposal, it gives all the value of the
domains that are auctioned to the REGISTRARS, but what did they do to
create the value? Nothing. Names like Cheerleaders.com or Bipolar.com
or Infertility.com or Beijing.com have *intrinsic* value, due to
nothing that the registrars did (just like Sex.com has intrinsic value,
just due to the nature of the word).

If individual registrars want to, individually (not as a
non-competitive cartel) take monetary consideration (whether it be
auction-based (Name-Winner), flat-fee (SnapNames-style), monthly access
fee (eNom drop club and others), or variations) for the ATTEMPT at a
name, I don't see that as a problem, as they're charging a fee for a
service (the attempt). This still leaves open the possibility (albeit,
small) that any person could still get the domain, for $6 if they time
things perfectly on a drop through a normal registration (remember, all
registrars can NOT run automated scripts via the non-batch pools
whereas the average consumer can register names manually at the same
time). That's the system we have right now, which is ripe with
competition and consumer choice. 

Replacing one monopoly (Verisign's WLS) with another (a cartel of
registrars doing an auction) isn't a solution which promotes
competition. In my opinion, registrars can, acting individually and in
competition with one another, still make a healthy profit by picking a
business model that offers the consumer some value and service for
going after an expiring name. Some might partner with Snap, some go it
alone with their own systems for a flat-fee, some might introduce
"one-click" registrations to allow registrants faster direct access,
some might auction the attempt, and who knows what other innovations
can occur as long as the market is allowed to flourish and compete.
Introduction of a monopoly or cartel at the REGISTRY interface brings
all this healthy innovation and competition to an end. Consumers want
choice, not more monopolies. We have this in the Status Quo Proposal
(which I hereby name!). :)

While folks are making "Proposals", I'll add a fourth proposal. I'll
call it the "Let's make George Kirikos a Multi-Millionaire" proposal.
With the consent of ICANN, I propose that all expiring names be
auctioned off by George Kirikos, with said proceeds going to the George
Kirikos Retirement Fund. While not a registrar or a registry, he is a
registrant! (the third "r") While he did nothing to create the value of
names such as Cheerleaders.com or Infertility.com, neither did the
registrars or registry, so all three have equal claims.

So, there you have it, folks. Four proposals on the table:

1) Verisign WLS proposal
2) Afternic "auction" proposal in a registrars cartel.
3) Status Quo proposal 
4) Let's make George Kirikos a Multi-millionaire proposal.

Please choose #4! Pretty please! Pretty please with sugar on top! As
your new OVERLORD ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H, KING ^H^H^H^H humble servant, I
promise to use the funds for noble purposes. I plan to travel the
world, to spread the word about the virtues of the internet to such
under-developed places like the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Monaco,
Tuvalu, the beaches of Greece, the beaches of Brazil, and other
hotspots. While I am drinking champagne surrounded by buxomy beauties
in tiny bikinis, errr, I mean bringing the gospel of the internet to
certain blondes who don't know how to use computers, I will think of
all of you with such fondness for allowing me to serve such an
important public role. It's a tough job, I know, but I think I am
qualified and will serve you all well!

I remain always, your most humble and obedient servant, :)

George Kirikos


George Kirikos

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