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Re: [ga] Re: VeriSign Proposal a Done Deal??

"Gomes, Chuck" wrote:
> Joop,
> This service would do nothing with your domain name unless you elected
> to release it.  A domain name is not owned; it never has been. 

Please consider that due to the enactment of WIPO rule
over domain name policy the implications of "ownership" of
a domain that IP TM claims represent have de facto
declared that domains are indeed owned by some, but not by
others.  This statement is quite complex in its
perspicacity so please do no believe it has not been duly
meditated upon.  Intellectual Property _is_ property Mr.
Gomes.  Frankly, I am surprised at your lack of
circumspection in your sophistic.  

> You
> register it for a specified period of time and you have the right to
> renew it.  If you don't it becomes available for others.  To use your
> logic, your approval would be needed for a re-registration of the name
> you formerly registered but deleted.

That is a misrendering and it damages your credibility as
an interlocutor. Don't stoop or reach Mr. Gomes. Some of
us can still bend our knees.  Joop's logic implied no such
thing and you're well aware of that. 

I'm left wondering why you're still hung up on that
_lottery_ schema!?  Move on!  Surely you can be a little
more creative in drumming up revenues?  Why not raise the
registry wholesale price or something equally nefarious
but effective?  What's going on with the fatheads in your
think tank departments?!

> I must admit that I am rather surprized to see an argument like this
> from you.

I know they pay you the big bucks Chuck.  But for what


Sotiris Sotiropoulos
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