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RE: Re[2]: [ga] Re: VeriSign Proposal a Done Deal??

Chuck Gomes wrote:
>Since 1996, there have been potential domain name holders who have
>requested some sort of wait list service in case domain names are
>released into the available pool.  The service at the registrar level
>was a response to this demand.  Putting the service at the registry
>level improves the value of the service for potential registrants.

The more I think about this, the less I like it.
In 1996 the situation was rather different, as there was no distinction 
between the Registrar and the Registry.
One of the pillars of a healthy competition was, IMHO, the separation of the 
roles (you might remember that for this very reason I did strongly oppose 
the new contract allowing Verisign to do both for .com).
Here we have yet another proof of how unwise was that choice, because there 
is an obvious (to me, at least) conflict of interest between the Registrar 
and the Registry in offering competing services.
Incidentally, if Verisign (the Registry) registers an expired name to the 
first-in-queue, skipping the Registrars, who will be the Registrar that will 
be commercially in contact with the Registrant for future services? Or will 
Verisign (the Registry) operate also as Registrar, and this independently 
from Verisign (the Registrar)? Obviously, to have Verisign (the Registrar) 
inheriting the Registrar function for the Registrants in the queues operated 
by Verisign (the Registry) will be unfair practice.

>The value to the Internet community therefore seems rather obvious to
>me. But, if there is none as you suggest, then the service will be a
>failure.  On the other hand, if there is demand and hence value, it will
>succeed.  The level of success will depend on how much demand and value
>there is.  The best way to test it is to let the market prove it one way
>or other.

I disagree that the commercial success should be the only measure.
Let's take the extreme example of the smugglers of cigarettes and spirits: 
they provide a doubtless value to the customers by selling directly foreign 
goods, skipping part of the value chain that will include resellers and 
taxes, but the commercial success is not a good enough reason to allow the 


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