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Re: Re[2]: [ga] Re: VeriSign Proposal a Done Deal??

In a message dated 1/5/2002 6:35:07 PM Central Standard Time, baf@fausett.com writes:

Registrants, for one. The principal improvement of the Waiting List Service
proposed last week is that if you buy a subscription, then you're certain to
get your desired domain name if and when it lapses.

There are no guarantees other than potential lawsuits unless someone decides they don't want their site.  

It is more like having to pay the mafia protection money for invasion of privacy.   They will even provide notification of any change on the records which would include personal addresses, phone numbers, etc.  Besides anti-trust and monopoly laws, and  invasion of privacy, it borders on conspiracy and  Interference in a business relationship laws of many states.  Wire Tap anyone ?

From Snapnames website:

Back-order the names you want.
Protect the names you have.

SnapBack is the only service that helps you secure wanted names and protect the names you already have. For only $49 a year, you can:
Back-order a domain name and have the industry's best chance to acquire the name the millisecond it becomes available.
Minimize or avert loss of a domain name, and thus of vital e-commerce functions, due to missed renewal payments, employee or political sabotage, hacker or terrorist cyber-jacking, even registry or clerical errors.

FREE! Monitor any domain name.

The FREE SnapShot™ service alerts you to availability of a domain name for re-sale or auction, as well as to changes to a domain name record. This monitoring tool provides updates to you weekly in our SnapViews™ newsletter. Subscribe! Learn more

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