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Re: [ga] Re: "political advantage"

Regarding the first paragraph quoted below:

Our civil liberties are what they were two weeks ago: contingent, always
under threat from enemies foreign and domestic, worth fighting for, and
capable of preservation if we have the will to do so.  What has changed is
the threat to them.

Regarding the second paragraph quoted below:

This is a serious issue that deserves discussion.

On Mon, 17 Sep 2001, Mike Roberts wrote:

> As Americans go back to work, we are not going back to the same 
> world.  Our civil liberties are not what we casually thought they 
> were a week ago.  Travelers this morning are having their possessions 
> searched at airports all over the country down to the last nail file. 
> In the next few days, the Congress is going to give new powers to law 
> enforcement to invade our personal lives looking for the very few who 
> choose to attack us. When I get on the plane next Sunday to go to 
> Washington, I will know that the new orders to the Air Force are to 
> shoot it down if hijacked.

> Life at ICANN isn't going to be the same either.  Given the military 
> mindset and anti-terrorist measures in Washington and other capitals, 
> there is going to be a much greater stress on operational oversight 
> of the DNS, on stability and on synchronization with related Internet 
> security steps. There is going to be much less interest in who is 
> represented by whom on the Board.

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