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Re: [ga] Domain names as observed (was Tucows Response to CochettiTransfer Letter)

Jeff Williams wrote:

> Joanna and all assembly members,
> Joanna Lane wrote:
> > on 7/27/01 1:18 PM, Sotiris Sotiropoulos at sotiris@hermesnetwork.com wrote:
> > > I think this ought to be added to the thread "Domain Names as Observed"
> > > (perhaps Joanna, you could add it to the list already at
> > internetstakeholders.com?)
> >
> > Done. The current list is:-
> >
> > A Domain Name is neither dial tone nor a telephone number. IP connectivity
> > is the closest analog to dial tone. An IP address is the closest analog to
> > the phone number, which the DNS was designed to mask for the benefit of the
> > end-user. (Ross Wm. Rader)
> > Domain Names are a Public Resource.
> > Domain Names are Private Property.
>   You have a problem here with these two "Definitions?".  A Domain Name
> cannot be both a Public Resource and Private property.  I think you mean
> that the DNS is a Public Resource and Domain Names are Private Property?

I have to admit that these two "definitions" did appear rather contradictory to me
as well.  I think you're quite correct here Jeff.

> >
> > Domain Names are currently subject to lease contracts with registrars.
> > Domain Names are a mnemonic aid for web site location.
> > Domain Names can be a mnemonic aid for an IP address.
>   This   is also technically incorrect as well.  And IP address is a translator
> for a TLD or potentially a Domain Name.

This is a more subtle but equally important distinction.  The "content" of an IP
address is informed by the registered Domain Name and its holder.  I think this is
a crucial point to stress.  Nice heads-up Jeff.


Sotiris Sotiropoulos

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