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[ga] Domain names as observed (was Tucows Response to CochettiTransfer Letter)

on 7/27/01 1:18 PM, Sotiris Sotiropoulos at sotiris@hermesnetwork.com wrote:
> I think this ought to be added to the thread "Domain Names as Observed"
> (perhaps Joanna, you could add it to the list already at

Done. The current list is:-

A Domain Name is neither dial tone nor a telephone number. IP connectivity
is the closest analog to dial tone. An IP address is the closest analog to
the phone number, which the DNS was designed to mask for the benefit of the
end-user. (Ross Wm. Rader)
Domain Names are a Public Resource.
Domain Names are Private Property.
Domain Names are currently subject to lease contracts with registrars.
Domain Names are a mnemonic aid for web site location.
Domain Names can be a mnemonic aid for an IP address.
Domain Names are a mnemonic aid (as MX record) to address an Individual or
Organization via email.
Domain Names are a unique identifier of an Internet presence.
Domain Names can appear in thousands of links embedded in web sites and thus
acquire economic value for the registrant.
Domain Names can be listed as Assets on companies' balance sheets.
Domain Names can be ordered sold to satisfy creditors.
Domain Names create wealth.
Domain Names can be used as vehicles of on-line (free) "Speech".
Domain Names can create copyrights.
Domain Names can be used to establish, re-inforce or infringe on Trade
Domain Names give independence from ISP's.
Domain Names are a lucrative global industry.
Domain Names are assigned according to a process which currently confers no
legal rights to the holders of domain names.
Domain Names can be bequeathed as heirlooms (witness the recent rise of baby
domain names).
Domain Names can determine the potential for success in an online venture.
Domain Names are assigned through a registration process.
Domain Names lack a qualification of the assignment properties (rights)
conferred with the creation/acquisition of a domain name.
Domain Names are a status symbol.
Domain Names can be subdivided into sub-domains.
Domain Names are a much sought after commodity.
Domain Names are the very reason for the existence of the ICANN and its
Domain Names are assigned through a registration process that identifies,
publishes and sells the physical contact details of registrants. (Joanna
Domain Names can be transferred from registrar to registrar (usually).
Domain Name prices vary, as do the ancillary services provided with
registration by the various registrars.
Domain Names are publications, as they allow for communication of
information to the public.
Domain Names are created by the original registrant.
Domain Names can be registered from one up to ten years.
Domain Names are convenient points of reference.
Domain Names that exactly resemble natural language words or phrases are
generally the most coveted. (Sotiris Sotiropoulos)

What Registered Domain Names are NOT
Property of Registries or Registrars
Property of ICANN
Property of WIPO
(Sotiris Sotiropoulos)
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