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Re: [ga] Tucows Response to Cochetti Transfer Letter

Ross Wm. Rader wrote:

"A domain name is neither dial tone nor a telephone number. IP connectivity is
the closest analog to dial tone. An IP address is the closest analog to the
phone number, which the DNS was designed to mask for the benefit of the

I think this ought to be added to the thread "Domain Names as Observed" (perhaps
Joanna, you could add it to the list already at internetstakeholders.com?)

Another interesting point RWR makes:

"The domain name business seems to be reverting to procedures more suited to
facilitating nineteenth century land transactions."

For many of the dotcommoners, this has been in plain evidence since the
so-called AntiCybersquatting Act [of Pure Shamelessness].  Your histrical
comparison is quite apt.  The ontic property status of domain names needs to be
defined for all as a standard to which reference can be made.  Otherwise, we can
keep talking about this stuff forever...

Finally, in my mind, the most interesting statement of them all:

"This is a dispute among the principals who act as an important interface to the

Clearly, the DNS is beyond the principals who act as "interfaces" to it... so
what is it?  The Undiscovered Country?!  The Blessed Isles?!  Are registrars
kind of like travel companies?  They get you to your destination... a
destination the original registrant happens to have CREATED, which they direct,
control, have authority over, pay for, fill up with content, redirect, etc...


Sotiris Sotiropoulos

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