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[ga] RESEND: Tucows Response to Cochetti Transfer Letter


On July 16th, 2001 Roger Cochetti of Verisign wrote to Stuart Lynn of ICANN
making various allegations in support of their new policy on inter-registrar
domain transfers. As you may be aware, Tucows has been long involved in
seeking an appropriate resolution to this issue. As such, we felt it was
necessary to respond individually to Mr. Lynn and address Mr. Cochetti's
contentions. Our letter, sent earlier to Mr. Lynn and the DNSO Names Council
under separate cover, is available at

This is a resend of an earlier document that was rejected by the listserver
due to the size of the attachment. Apologies to the list-admins for any

Thank you in advance for your review of this document.

Ross Wm. Rader
Director, Innovation & Research
Tucows Inc.
t. 416.535.0123

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