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Re: [ga] Letter from ICANN to New.net

on 7/26/01 7:43 PM, Sotiris Sotiropoulos at sotiris@hermesnetwork.com wrote:

> Kent Crispin wrote:
>> On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 02:12:22PM -0700, Patrick Greenwell wrote:
>>> In it, New.net does not argue for multiple roots systems,
>> What they argue really isn't very important -- they are so full of hype
>> you can't tell what they are talking about anyway.  What matters is what
>> they *do*, and they have *done* is create an alternate root.
> Actually, it's more of an enhancement to the existing root... like an
> amplification, if you will.  The simple brute fact is that ICANN and the USG
> had not foreseen the inventive approach employed by new.net to circumvent the
> cartel-like conditions that were becoming increasingly evident through a
> growing number of blatant abuses of a *non-existent power...
> Sincerely,
> Sotiris Sotiropoulos

ICANN knows, as any business knows, that things change, that it is almost
impossible to guard against the unforeseen. What is so galling is that once
the unforeseen presents itself, ICANN not only denies its very existence, it
engages in duplicitous business practice by pretending it had a policy all
along for such an eventuality, and furthermore, when questioned on its
authority for making such a policy statement, then declares consensus on the
basis of ill-formed processes that have not been ratified by the public
whose interest it purports to represent. These are fascist practices.

If we give everybody the vote, we may not like what they vote for, but at
least they cannot claim ICANN is a dictatorship of special interest groups.



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