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Re: [ga] Letter from ICANN to New.net

At 04:14 PM 7/26/2001 +0000, Roberto Gaetano wrote:
>Bill Lovell wrote:
>>Some relevant questions concerning this letter:
>>On what basis is ICANN claiming "consensus?"
>>What is the basis for the statement "the concept
>>of multiple roots clearly leads to the potential for
>>conflicting top level domains and consequent
>>Internet instability," and if that is true, why is
>>it establishing a .biz TLD, when there already is
>>one of those, which could bring about the
>>very collision it decries?
>The basis for this statement is the position of the IETF, as summarised by 
>the IAB.
>This item has also been debated at the PSO General Assembly some 10 days 
>ago, and there has not been one single voice in favour of multiple roots.
>Incidentally, I have been one among others who spoke in favour of 
>IAB/ICANN's position, but of course made it clear that I was speaking only 
>as "a member of the DNSO/GA".
>I don't want to underestimate the importance of the different political 
>POVs on the multiple roots, but since this issue has negligible support 
>(if any at all) in the Protocol community, and specifically at the IETF, 
>ICANN should not do anything else than dismiss it.

I disagree with Roberto.
ICANN must hold to it's written agenda which includes representing public view.

As far as the IETF's credibility:  we all surely recognize it has been 
suspect for a few years now.



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