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[ga] the GA as an R&D center

Dear Danny, Patrick and all,
When you think of it there is no other place in the AmerICANN and in the 
world for network development R&D than the DNSO/GA.. I mean by network 
development the global development of the network: how to expand it, how to 
promote it, how to live it and with it, etc... There are several other fora 
which deal with the technical aspects of the Internet development. There is 
none to consider the questions we all more less ask ourselves:

- what is a domain name?
- is the current domain name system management appropriate?
- is the whois of use, would there be alternatives, what are the relations 
with other systems?
- what is the public wanting? what would it accept? which experience could 
we consider?
- new TLDs for what?
- the Internet assisted governance systems
- the protection of the users
- the relations with States and international organizations
- the ccTLDs and the national Internet communities
- the IP addressing plan
- the new form of social relations alighted by the Internet
- consensus nature and technicalities
etc... etc...

I mean here no dispute but R&D to develop a practical vision of the 
Internet evolution and support the necessary related decisions by the 
different bodies sharing in the Internet governance.

The GA is the only technical enough group of users. I see no other place 
where are melt enough of the competence, independence, variety of 
experience necessary to develop a coherent body of doctrine about what is 
happening, how it could change, what to do to support the evolution and 
innovation, etc...

I will take three examples for you to better understand what I am at:

- the UDRP. I want to investigate a change of nature: the arbitration panel 
to be replaced by a court made of a panelist as a Judge, of public debates 
on-line and of a Jury of randomly selected Internet users. There is no 
dispute here. I just want to investigate an other traditional form that Joe 
Sims and Jonathan Cohen might have chosen.

- Domain Names. Why do we have Registries? Are there not alternatives. The 
present system is like gold mine placer management. Would it not be 
interesting to investigate other ways? I would favor a permanent title with 
a document or a plastic card I could keep with me and I would pay for usage 
on a yearly basis - do you lose your name if you do not pay your taxes? We 
would address some of the today problems and would meet others. What is the 
best? I do not know, we should discuss it.

- the governance. The AmerICANN is not the Internet governance. But we 
spend our time disputing about the governance system of the AmerICANN. We 
only observe the practical impact of principles that are enlighten 
progressively since the end of the XIXth century about network, innovation, 
polylogual relations, end of the bottom-up/top-down models and emergence of 
the me/we model, subsidiarity in that environment, etc... This concerns our 
whole life, thinking (the politically correct is a direct result from the 
me/we model). The AmerICANN is necessarily at the core of such a change.

This is of the essence of the DNSO/GA, but probably not of this mailing 
list. Bill and Joanna are in fact trying to propose to work on something 
like that with their Best Practices. If the result will be of interest to 
ga-rules, I think that the preparation of these BPs and their interaction 
with many other socio-politic aspects are to be carried on a special list 
with a different spirit.

If you consider it, the Internet is today very much technic driven and not 
market driven. What I propose is to try to work out a compromise through a 
technical analysis of the market and of its evolution (innovation) with an 
immediate target: to see if there are no alternative technical solutions to 
our today most difficult problems. Without dogmatic declarations, but 
humble study and some imagination.

I would be interested by your comments.

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