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[ga] Dan Steinberg elected as the GA delegate to the NC UDRP TF

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Wednesday 25 July 2001, 22:00 Paris time.

Re: b07

Vote by the GA to designate its representative to the Names Council UDRP
Task Force

     cf. http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/2001.DNSO-GA-UdrpTF.html

The vote was conducted by the DNSO Secretariat using Instant Runoff
Vote according to the Election Rules adopted by the GA and published

The members to the Watchdog Committee in 2001 election are:
   o Roberto Gaetano
   o Harald Alvestrand
   o Kent Crispin
   o Dany Vandromme
   o Alexander Svensson
   o Izumi Aizu

The time for the vote was:

     Begins: Tuesday 17 July 2001, 07:00 UTC, 09:00 CET (Paris),
     Ends:   Tuesday 24 July 2001, 07:00 UTC, 09:00 CET (Paris)

A. The final result:

     Dan Steinberg is elected.

B. Information about ballots received:

  1. Number of ballots received: 73

  2. One (1) ballot empty:

          1. b07:K3756Z

     which adds to number of valid ballots, and increases majority
     requirement in the first step.

  3. Besides ballots we received fourteen (14) Delivery-Reports:

          1  b07:K637aZ
          2  b07:Kb852Z
          3  b07:Kce6fZ
          4  b07:K7e3cZ
          5  b07:Kb876Z
          6  b07:Ke051Z
          7  b07:Ka34dZ
          8  b07:K34b3Z
          9  b07:Kb935Z
         10  b07:K27fcZ
         11  b07:K85e9Z
         12  b07:K835eZ
         13  b07:Kb890Z
         14  b07:K9ab2Z

  4. Two (2) voters sent multiple ballots, the last overrides the

          1. b07:Kd57eZ
          2. b07:K4348Z

C. Adjustements:

Besides trashing HTML format, the following adjustements were made:

     1. b07:Kf899Z, line END__: completed
     2. b07:K7130Z, line END__: completed

D. Three (3) "x" adjustements:

Three (3) received ballots were with only one candidate marked, not
with "1" but with "x".

The Secretariat tends to consider these ballots valid, "x" replaced by
"1" for results calculation.

     1. b07:Kd1d6Z:[x] Chris McElroy
     2. b07:K3297Z:[x] Rod Dixon
     3. b07:K37b7Z:[x] Chris McElroy

E. Full public record:

The calculations step by step using Instant Runoff Vote are published in:

These calculations have been validated by the Watchdog Committee.

DNSO Secretariat

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