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Re: [ga] VeriSign complains...

That's good stuff, Jefsey! And the more Verisign can screw up transfers,
bill late, set 72 hour response times (starting after the end of business
hours on Friday), etc., the more they can make domain names become
"available," and the more of that turnover there is -- i.e., that they
themselves create -- the more $$ they will make.  There seems to
be no limit whatever to what NSI/Verisign will do for a buck. And
that will continue so long as Verisign/ICANN can continue having
Verisign be the "single authoritative root."

(Anyone who wants to punch holes in what was just said is welcome
to do so -- that is my perspective right now, but like all good ga
denizens, I always look for further wisdom from my co-denizens.)

(I'd thought of popping  this over into ga-roots, since it seemed more
appropriate to be there, but on second thought this ISSUE has a broad
enough ICANN-wide policy significance that I didn't.  Specifically, it
relates to the whole Verisign/ICANN relationship, and hence if there
is anything that we ga types could do about it, perhaps one of us might
make a SUGGESTION along that line.)

Bill Lovell

Jefsey Morfin wrote:

 Dear Derek,
On 03:32 20/07/01, Derek Conant said:
I can support VeriSign's efforts to require its customers to acknowledge
and approve transfer-away requests

This would be acceptable if the demands of transfer of a VerSign customer to another Registrar were also approved by VeriSign. They delay until it is overdue, then the DN becomes "not available". And....

But the best is that:
icann.org is not available
Be first in line to get icann.org - Back Order it NOW!

Is the name you want already taken? Now you can back-order that domain name and thereby acquire it as soon as it becomes available. We watch it for you, every day, 24/7, so you donít have to. And we register it for you for one year the moment it becomes available ó all for the low cost of $49. TRY IT NOW!

If 100 people wants to get icann.org they will get $ 4900 for NOTHING - except possibly to fight the interest of their own customers...  Some people are really cute at VeriSign at making money out of Roberto Gaetano, Louis Touton, Stuart Lynn and als. (all this would not exist with one million TLD or with a more serious DN registration system).


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