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Re: It can be worse (Re: [ga] VeriSign complains...)

Hi Marc,

Pretty disgusting, isn't it?

I just wanted to add, that my webhoster was bought by a CORE partner. They gave
us the option of staying with NSI or switching to CORE. Since the ISP is listed
as the billing contact, they initiated the transfer to CORE on my domain.

Now, they were a bit late with the transfer, because NSI is habitually late
with the notice that the payment is due. The hosting company told us that they
wait until they receive the bill to initiate the domain transfer (makes sense,
no point in paying more than one has to) But NSI delayed it just enough to make
sure my domain expired, then used it as an excuse not to transfer, even though
it was only just over the expiration date. I ended up having to pay the expired
domain on my own because my hosting company didnt get on the ball fast enough
to correct the problem. Then I had to make sure that my hosting company didn't
bill me for renewing my domain registration. Thats when the problems with NSI
not wanting to take our money occurred. Really seemed suspicious to me, even
though it was probably typical NSI screwups.

I don't have a problem with notifying the registration contact before the
transfer, but in my case, we knew we wanted to transfer our domain even though
our hosting company initiated the transfer. And in the case of my hosting
company, they are "supposed" to handle those things anyway - they are the
billing contact. Most people do not have a clue how NSI works (or doesn't work,
as the case may be) or even what a domain registrar is or what it does. That's
why webhosters like mine take care of it for the customer. If they want to use
a registrar that is more responsive to them, go for it. They are paid to take
care of it for the customer - and when they are the billing contact as in my
case - I would think its their choice to recommend whichever service that works
best for them.

Personally, I think NSI should look a bit harder at itself and think 'why are
these webhosters moving their business away from us'.

take care, Robin
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