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RE: [ga] VeriSign complains...

Personally, I like the idea of the losing Registrar confirming the transfer
request - the only problem I have with it, is that NetSol only give 72 hours
to respond. I've returned to work on a Monday morning to find my mailbox
filled with these - only to discover that the 3 days has already expired
(the email having been received after close of business on the Friday).

Currently the onus is on the receiving Registrar to confirm the transfer
request... I have experienced unauthorised transfers - the Registrant had no
idea that a transfer request had been initiated - the domain was returned
after numerous trans-atlantic phone calls and shouting - the receiving
Registrar put it all down to an "administrative error".

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I can support VeriSign's efforts to require its customers to acknowledge
and approve transfer-away requests.

There may be a problem with relying on competing Registrars to
authenticate transfer requests.  First, the current Registrar is
contractually obligated to the Registrant.  It appears that the current
Registrar has a responsibility to make certain that its customer is aware
that a transfer request has been initiated through a competing Registrar.
You can believe that some Registrants choose established and reliable
Registrars like NSI for registering domain names.  It may be the case that
not all Registrars are as established and as reliable as NSI.  It appears
possible for competing Registrars and their affiliates to cause a real
problem for Registrants and current Registrars if competing Registrars are
relied upon for authenticating transfer requests.

Derek Conant
DNSGA President and Chairman
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