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[ga] Re: Roger Cochetti's Letter to Stuart Lynn

Dear Registrar Constituency Representatives,

Roger Cochetti in his letter to Stuart Lynn has raised some very serious 
charges, accusing other members of the registrar community of having engaged 
in the practice of "slamming", the unauthorized transfer of domain name 
registrations from one registrar to another.  

On behalf of all consumers that have previously suffered the nightmare of the 
"slamming wars" in the telecommunications industry, I ask that these charges 
be investigated immediately.  

Fact-finding in this matter is crucial.  

1.  Please advise if other registrars have put forth complaints of slamming, 
or if Mr Cochetti's firm is the sole complainant.  

2.  As the claim has been made that "a professional market research firm" was 
hired "to conduct more detailed, independent surveys of representative 
samples of customers who had recently been transferred out of the VeriSign 
Registrar", please advise if this report and data can be independently 

It will be necessary to determine whether a problem of "slamming" in fact 
exists, or if this letter is designed to divert attention from Verisign's 
choice to Auto Nack Transfers (note that the registrars' straw poll vote in 
Stockholm was 23 to 2 in favor of an autoACK policy).  It is important that 
the truth be ferreted out.

If at all possible, can you also advise on the results of the straw poll 
regarding transfer policies that was recently conducted on the registrar list.

Best regards,
Danny Younger
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