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[ga] Re: Questions about the ccSO Proposal

Roberto writes:  "I wonder whether the key is to separate the technical part
(almost identical to the "supplier") from the "general purpose" (almost
identical to the "consumer"). What I would consider worth exploring is a
"technical" DNSO (Registrars, Registries [gTLDs+ccTLDs], ISPs) and a new
"consumer" CSO (Business, TradeMark, Non-Com, Individuals, ...)."

I myself have heard identical propositions being put forth by Mike Roberts
and others in Stockholm.  Although there is merit in the proposal, I do have
some concerns:

If such a restructuring results in the destruction of the At-Large, then
"individuals" or "end users" will only find recourse in representation via
the CSO.  This could mean even less of a voice on the Board.

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