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Re: [ga] [ga-rules] Mailing List Management

Hello Patrick,

Sunday, June 10, 2001, 9:30:31 PM, Patrick Corliss wrote:
> My overall view is to have "virtual" constituencies.  In other words all of
> the ISPs will have one mailing list.  The individuals another.  Businesses a
> third.  And so on.  With working groups on particular issues like the
> Alternate Roots, Trade Marks and Registration Systems.

The constituencies do this.  The GA is not the coordinator of the
constituencies.  It is not the role of the GA at all.

> The big advantage of dedicated Special Interest Groups is that you WILL get
> some work done.

I see no evidence to back up that statement.

The mailing list experiment has been a failure.  It is time to cut the

If anything the lists have caused more divisiveness.  What will happen
in those lists is that you will collect only the polar opposites.
Work will not get done, since those two polar opposites will never be
able to come to any kind of agreement.

Best regards,
William X Walsh
Owner, Userfriendly.com
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