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From: "L Gallegos" <jandl@jandl.com>
"Sweeping it under the rug is not going to resolve the issue."


Sweeping what under the rug ?

Sweeping .BIZ under the rug ?

"The origins of dot-biz lie in Usenet, when activist Karl Denninger in the
late 1980s created newsgroups where commercial messages would be allowed.

Denninger said he expanded the concept to allow automated dot-biz domain
name registrations in 1995, and his company, Macro Computer Systems, was
sold in 1998 to Winstar Communications.

He says ORSC changed from pointing to Winstar's list of dot-biz names to
Alantic Root Network's in the last year. "The problem is that (Gallegos')
claim to this is no more legitimate than JV Team's. I would argue that
neither of them has a legitimate claim," Denninger says."


Jim Fleming
BIZ World

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