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[ga] Media reports on ICANN's Stolkholm meeting

All assembly members,

  From the media and posted on another forum:

June 5, 2001
Sleepless in Stockholm


For a good overview of the gnarly issues on ICANN's agenda, turn to Jim
Wagner's report in InternetNews. Wagner touched on ICANN's budget (it's
increasing - surprised?), the search for a new home for the .org domain,

alternate roots and the polite international revolt against ICANN's
legitimacy. A sound bite from an Australian delegate summed up this last

beef: "ICANN is basically an American intranet" holding the ..com, .net,

.org and country code top-level domains...

June 4 2001
ICANN Wraps Up Stockholm Meetings
By Jim Wagner, Internet News


Len Lindon, an Australian lawyer following the proceedings, said many
outside the U.S. are increasingly fed up with the organization's
policies and until ICANN takes the international community's concerns
seriously, a budget increase is not warranted.

"Until ICANN can demonstrate to the world that it has no association,
or indirect, with (the U.S.), their budget increase isn't warranted,"
said. "The ICANN is basically an American intranet holding the .com,
org and (country code Top Level Domains). China has its own intranet
globally as do most U.S. multinational corporations, so it becomes an
interoperability issue.

"Vint Cerf (ICANN chairman) and Stuart Lynn (ICANN president) have made
clear they view other roots and TLDs as competitors," Lindon continued,
they still are in denial about their monopolistic practices."


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