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[ga] Re: The ALSC and the DNSO

Derek writes:  "Just what the GA needs with so very little participation
here is to create a new list.  I try to submit constructive comments,
however, this new list idea does not make any sense with us 5 or 6

I would disagree with Derek's assessment.  Our General Assembly (not to be
confused with the DNSGA) has its cadre of regular active participants.  As
shown by our last election results, we also have five times that amount of
members that choose to vote on our motions that do not otherwise participate
on our lists, but are very much a part of the General Assembly process.

We will be expanding our efforts at outreach, especially in view of our need
for the DNSO to soon nominate a Director for the ICANN Board.  I will ask
the DNSO Secretariat to prepare a GA-Announce message to be sent to all GA
members, to members of all our constituencies, and to all former working
group participants advising that the GA will soon commence the nomination
process.  At this time, we have somewhere between 900 to 1000 individuals
that will be reached with such an announcement.

I will also recommend that our Secretariat additionally post instructions on
how to register as a member of the GA Voting Registry.

With regard to Patrick's comments on the appropriate site for discussions on
restructuring the DNSO, I will disagree with Patrick's conclusion... perhaps
he has forgotten that we have set up a list (GA-Review) to specifically deal
with an ongoing structural review of the DNSO:

GA-Review:  "Ongoing DNSO review:  To consider and recommend proposals that
improve operations of the DNSO as it is constituted today and those which
may result in changes in the structure of the DNSO and/or major changes in
its functioning."

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