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[ga] The ALSC and the DNSO

Having attended the At-Large Study Committee Outreach Meeting on 5 June, and
having been advised that the "dynamic environment" (the announcement of the
ccTLDs planning to withdraw from the DNSO) may prompt the ALSC to examine
overall ICANN structural considerations (rather than solely focusing upon
the At-Large question), I would advise the General Assembly as soon as
possible to begin discussion of possible DNSO structural models as an
adjunct to the work of the ALSC.

This concern is in part motivated by recent studies posted to the ALSC that
may impact upon the future role of the General Assembly, and which may
affect the proposed Individuals' Constituency.  One such study is "ICANN and
the At Large Membership: Towards an 'Internet User Supporting Organisation'
(IUSO)," Wolfgang Kleinwęchter ; it is also motivated by the need to present
a bottoms-up view to contrast with the top-down assessment which may soon be
provided by the ALSC.

Through the DNSO Review we have come to better understand the
dysfunctionality with which we must contend; it is now time to move forward
to the next step and to begin discussions in earnest regarding the future
restructuring of our Supporting Organization.  The proper place for this
discussion is on our ga-review list.  I urge all of you to participate on
this list, to self-organize, to establish a working committee, to arrive at
a consensus view and to draft a summary paper for submission.  The future of
our Assembly, its role, its rights and powers (or lack thereof), may depend
upon your efforts.

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