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Re: [ga] With all due respect Mr. Froomkin

Alternate Chair wrote:
>Hi Michael
>"The DNSGA is a Nevada not-for-profit corporation with offices in
>Washington, DC, Buenos Aires AR, Sydney AU, Vancouver BC, Paris FR,
>Frankfurt GR, Hong Kong, Narita JP, Riyadh SA and Oxfordshire UK. The DNSGA
>currently has less than 1000 members of which most are not categorized and
>their associations and specific interests have not been identified which
>contributes to the DNSGA's immaturity."

I do not find it difficult to believe that it has less than 1000 members, 
whose interests have not been identified.
I would estimate the size of the membership comparable with the size of the 
membership of the gTLD Constituency few months ago, with the difference that 
the gTLD members have identified their interests in full, and raised their 
membership by 200% before the Stockholm SE ;>) meeting.

(wondering where in Greece is Frankfurt)

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