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RE: [ga] Country code chiefs go nuclear on ICANN

On Sun, 3 Jun 2001, Cade,Marilyn S - LGA wrote:

> The ccTLDs came into ICANN very early, and have worked within the process --
> making substantive and critical contributions. From what I have seen, they
> have held many meetings, organized across the ccTLDs, both regionally and in
> conjunction with ICANN's meeting.
> Their issues are broader and significantly different from the gTLDs, which
> is the primary work so far of the DNSO.  They have a relationship directly
> to their governments (respectively), which the gTLDs don't, etc, etc.

One might also argue that Registry operators have significantly different
issues than Registrar operators. So then should seperate Registry and
Registrar supporting organizations be created as well? ISPs certainly face
differing issues than any of the aforementioned groups. So should they too
form their own supporting organization?

Quite simply the secession of the ccTLD operators from the DNSO, which was
intended to be an overarching body that promulgated domain name policies
would seem to indicate a "no-confidence" vote of the manner in which the
ccTLD operators have been treated by the ICANN board and through the current
ICANN structure. While it is certainly interesting to witness the sudden
"support" they had for such a move all along you'll pardon me if I hold a
somewhat contrary view of what led us to this event.

                               Patrick Greenwell
                       Earth is a single point of failure.

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