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RE: [ga] Country code chiefs go nuclear on ICANN

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Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2001 6:52 AM

The ccTLDs came into ICANN very early, and have worked within the process --
making substantive and critical contributions.


Do the so-called "ccTLDs" meet the same contractural
and operational requirements as the other TLDs that
ICANN claims to promote (franchise?) ?

Did the ccTLDs pay a $50,000 application fee ?

Has each of the ccTLDs come before the ICANN Board and
made a case for why they should be considered to be part
of the so-called "ICANN root" ?

Do the ccTLDs operate with NEBs*-quality equipment ?

Are .TV, .AM and .FM ccTLDs ?

* NEBs - Network Equipment and Building Standards

Jim Fleming

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