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Re: [ga] Country code chiefs go nuclear on ICANN

Bruce James wrote:

> Country code chiefs go nuclear on ICANN:
>  http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/6/19395.html
> /Bruce

And ICANN is powerless, because they were designed that way.  It is as
though we are all mesmerized by ICANN and hypnotized into believing the
have power and authority. but in fact they have none. They have only the
power which we give to them as users.

I was privileged over the last 10 days or so to be listening or actively
involved with telephone conversations with many of the biggest
registrar-marketers of domain names in the world.  They are lousy.  They
rely on their monopolistic type relationship with Verisign and ICANN.
Just watch; those of us not affiliating with ICANN and only restrained
by our imagination will very soon surpass these monolithes. Why did the
majority of dotCOM companies fail? because they are only vapor like

The ccTLD chiefs know this.

ps (it is interesting to note that Danny Youngers' quick trip to
prominence began with his analogy from one of his children about Indian
tribal Chiefs getting together and deciding things)

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