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Re: [ga] 2826 Golden Rule

Dear Eric,
what do you want the USG to do with my computer, the computer of
a wizz vietnamese kid or the computer of a Sao Paulo football club?

 > On 20:22 30/05/01, Eric Dierker said:
 > I for one would rather see a USG federal court judge decide this, than
 > the Versign controlled ICANN BoD and Staff.

 > I would be well pleased if someone could correct my thinking here or
 > show me a reasonable alternative

I am authoritative on my machine, on whats goes in it and on what it
does. There are works right now to add an article to the Human Rights,
about the electronic environment of he Human Being (TV, radio,
computers, nets) wich would say that in two lines.

The USG may rule ".us" as much as they want. I am OK about the
.com, .net they have confused with .us. They decided to make .org
some kind of DN UN, so they should not care about it any more.

The rest is public international domain and the way the inclusive
root works today is just fine and line with millenary common
international practice "first taker is the owner provided common
sense is respected and abandonned tlds are understood free"
(I remind l you that it includes the iCANN since it is inclusive and
belongs to no one/everyone). I can send you a daily copy of  the
inclusive root status from the collection work of different RSCs.

If the iCANN, as any other RSC (root service center), has propositions
to make as any other one, please them to send the others a mail so
the system may improve. But first they have to stop supporting
colliders if they wan to be taken seriously.

Now to address Dassa's remarks. The iCANN only product is the
"master-root". It is a mini-root. It includes roughly 1/3rd of the
existing TLDs. The recognition by the public has nothing to do
with the size of a file. The size of a file is the number of bytes it
contains and what it permits to do. The inclusive root permits to
go everywhere the iCANN root permits and much more... The fact
that most of the additional TLDs are small or medium TLDs (what
compares with many ccTLDs) has nothing to do with it.  iCANN
"internet map" offers 260 directions (TLD), while inclusive root
counts at least 600 directions. So the iCANN has a mini-root file.


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