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[ga] Another DNSO related archive

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  • Subject: [ga] Another DNSO related archive
  • From: Joanna Lane <jo-uk@rcn.com>
  • Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 16:53:52 -0400
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For what it's worth, there is an independent archive of work generated by
members of the various DNSO/ GA mailing lists, interwoven with other similar
material, at http://www.internetstakeholders.com.

While this is not intended to backup any mailing list archives (and I do not
read every thread on every list), it does acknowledge some of the more
substantive and interesting (to me) posts in an archive that is not under
ICANN control.

This website, which is providing an unique service to the community, will
hopefully develop into a useful source of reference over time, for the media
to summarize opposing positions on a particular issue, for novices to grasp
some of the issues involved, for members of the community to identify key
posts from lists to which they may or may not subscribe. It can locate an
elusive thread from the sum total of mailing list archives - searchable by
topic, word, author, date etc.

Topics include Agendas, @Large, Constituencies, Funding, GA, gTLD contracts,
Motions, Names Council, Outreach and Education, Proposals for structural
change, Proposals to improve operations, Resolutions, Teleconferences, UDRP
and WIPO, Verisign Inc., Voting, Privacy and WHOIS.

Those who wish to add topics and articles are more than welcome to contact
me directly with suggestions, or submit through the website.



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