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[ga] RE: Domain-Policy?

At 11:03 am -0700 5/24/01, Roeland Meyer wrote:
>> From: Patrick Corliss [mailto:patrick@quad.net.au]
>> Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2001 10:40 AM
>> I'm not sure what you mean by this in relation to the GA
>> list.  Are you
>> suggesting that ICANN could pull the plug on this one, too?
>Sure, why not? They did it to WG-Review. They only have to claim "budget


>Besides, there were a lot of folk, on the NSI list, that refused to
>be part of ICANN. We need their input too. I'm building a box, under
>DNSO.NET, to do this stuff now. It will also be feeding newsgroups under
>INN. I just landed a couple of nice contracts for the rest of this year, so
>I can consider being more active again.

Thanks Roeland.

I look forward to the appearance of DOMAIN-POLICY@DNSO.NET.

Andrew P. Gardner
barcelona.com stolen, stmoritz.com stays. What's uniform about the UDRP?
We could ask ICANN to send WIPO a clue, but do they have any to spare?
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