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RE: [ga] Re: List deactivation

> From: DPF [mailto:david@farrar.com]
> Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2001 11:37 AM

> >Thursday, May 24, 2001, 8:35:57 AM, Patrick Corliss wrote:

> >> Just ":bang".  That's all folks !!
> >
> >> For those who don't know what I mean, Verisign has just 
> closed down the
> >> Domain Policy mailing list.  And the archives appear to be 
> gone too !!!
> >
> >> A truly amazing lack of consideration for the subscribers.
> >
> >OpenSRS prepared for this eventuality over a year ago.
> >
> >They have a public domain-policy mailing list that can be used to
> >replace this one if anyone is interested.
> >
> >I can't believe how absolutely irresponsible Verisign has made
> >themselves appear with this abrupt action.
> So what a bit of extra bad press.  They now have *.com effectively for
> ever so no need to play nice anymore.

Actually, they've proven themselves very responsible ... to their
shareholders. Ask any of the lawyers, Flip Leven was creating a very large
legal problem in the DP list. That's the reason it was shutdown. It's
amazing that this hadn't happened years ago.

BTW, this scenario can play out like this on ANY list that's run by any
company with legal actions pending. TROs are non-effectual here. The
simplest way to protect their legal butts was to shut down the lists that
Flip Leven was spamming with whines about their legal issues. Even the ICANN
is vulnerable to this.

It was not a question of playing "nice" and it was certainly an issue of
responsibility, to their owners.

IANAL - I Am Not A Lawyer. Before taking action on anything I say, you are
encouraged to seek legal advice. 
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