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Re: [ga] Re: List deactivation

Personally, I find this very disappointing. The Domain-Policy list has
always been noisy, but it's also been great place to get information on the
arcane issues of domain name administration. This is an area that's becoming
increasingly complex with the addition of new registrars and new TLDs. I've
always viewed it as a credit to NSI, Verisign and all of its employees that
it both sponsored the list and actively participated in it. Years before the
Cluetrain left the station, NSI was already on board, actively engaging its
customers in an online dialogue with knowledgeable, senior managers, not
clueless customer service reps. In spite of new competition in the domain
name registration market, I've kept my domain name registrations with NSI
for one reason: because I knew I could turn to the NSI employees I had met
on the Domain-Policy list if something went wrong.

It's also hard not to view the crude way in which the list was terminated
(no notice, no opportunity for list members to organize a new list or
download the archives) against the U.S. Department of Commerce's approval of
the revised registry contracts last week. Now secure in its position as the
dominant registry and dominant registrar, Verisign takes years of important
archives off-line and abruptly ends an ongoing dialogue with some of its
best customers. Let's hope this is not a sign of what is to come.

       -- Bret

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