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[ga] Invitation


Thank you for the kind invitation to address the Names Council with regard
to the GA work agenda.  As the General Assembly is in session prior to the
Names Council meeting, and as all Names Council representatives may take
advantage of attending the General Assembly meeting to hear about the GA's
work agenda, it will probably not be necessary to have me address the NC on
this topic (I understand that your time is somewhat limited - only a 3 hour
session -- and that you have many other important matters on your agenda).
I do, however, appreciate the courtesy that you have extended and would like
to reciprocate by inviting you (our Management) and the Chairs of your
Interim Committees to make a presentation to the GA.

I will be glad to set aside a full hour of time so that each Interim
Committee Chair will have ample opportunity to discuss the
Terms-of-Reference that their respective committees have decided upon, and
so that each may outline to the GA the degree to which we will be invited to
participate in committee efforts.

As the NC is responsible for the designation of such research or drafting
committees, working groups and other bodies of the GA as it determines are
appropriate to carry out the substantive work of the DNSO, we will look
forward to hearing your comments on which committees, working groups or
other bodies of the GA you will be designating to undertake such efforts.

Please let me know if 9:30 - 10:30AM will be convenient for yourself and the
Names Council Interim Committee Chairs.

Best regards,
Danny Younger

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