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[ga] RULES

There is a very old and somewhat true statement; everyone hates a lawyer
until you need one.  I like it's sister statement; next time you are
getting mugged call a Hippie.

We are avoiding creating rules, to better facilitate the GA.  We have
seen over the last several months that they are woefully inadequate, but
in that everything is running smooth we are ignoring the problem.

Aggravation and avoidance of invovlement come from a lack of clearly
defined ground rules. Due process requires openness and understanding of
exactly what is required of us. As children, we grow best with clearly
defined boundaries that we know those in control will also adhere to.

Mr. Corliss, would you use one of your "list admin" moves to send this
over to the new rules list and provide us the links to existing rules so
that we can begin progress on establishing some guidelines to make the
fulfillment of your job easier.


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