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Re: [ga] dotbiz-info SM & TM questions

Marc Schneiders wrote on 22.05.01, 02:12:02:
> It does work with 4 characters at neulevel.com. I just tried for BIJT,
> except for paying for it, naturally. The more I read about it, the
> more I feel sick. An officially ICANN sanctioned lottery.

I'm not so sure about that. At least trademark holders 
/don't/ get the domain simply by claiming trademark
rights. E.g., if Marc claims BIJT(tm) and I manage to 
register bijt.biz for my Better Investigative Journalism 
Training business, I'm informed of Marc's claim and 
Marc is informed of my registration. 

Marc is free to file a Startup Opposition Policy 
complaint, but if I "(as an individual, business, or other 
organization) have been commonly known by the domain name", 
even if I /haven't/ acquired trademark or service mark 
rights, then it is bona fide use and I can keep it. More 
importantly, the IP claims expire when .biz goes live.

(One may of course wonder whether this is worth $90. :))

Best regards,
/// Alexander
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