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Re: [ga] [MESSAGE FROM THE TLDA SECRETARY] The Top Level Domain Association is Now Accepting Membership Applications

Mr. Palmer;

If your mission statement is a reflection of the truth of the reason for your group, good luck to your group.  This is one of the most diffuse and vague statements I have ever read.  Where are you incorporated (or whatever) that you are allowed to be organized under such a meaningless charter?  What the heck is a TLD holder?  What do you consider a namespace, is it a name or an address?  Should ccTLD's be a member of your group?  Is your group so exclusive that only certain entities will be entitled to membership, like country clubs of the old South Africa? Application?

Please show me that my initial assumptions are wrong, because I believe very strongly in the correctness of some cause which promotes understanding of different roots.


John Palmer wrote:

At  00:00Hrs UTC on Sunday May 20, 2001, The Top-Level Domain Association  began accepting applications for membership. All those interested in becoming a TLDA member, please see http://www.tlda.org The Top Level Domain Association Inc. is a trade association of Internet Top Level Domain (TLD) holders. This organization represents the interests of TLD Holders and will seek to foster cooperation among TLD holders to advance the cause of building a stable namespace. All TLD holders are welcome to become members of the TLDA.

John Palmer
TLDA Secretary

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