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Re: [ga] Amended Ballot

At 09:03 20/05/01 -0400, Ken Stubbs wrote:
>interesting logic here...
>it would sound that we are now extending the "use" logic to open this up for
>all user of the internet, regardless of whether they have or dont have a DN.
>what an outreach potential & problem..... (400,000,000 potential members)

Yes, I agree.  Jefsey's new proposal is muddying the waters and I do not
quite understand why, since he asked me to clarify that my motion would be
specifically for the benefit of Domain Name Holders.
>i am still having problems with the current proposals i have seen
>understanding how the invididual constituancy proposes to "reach out" far
>enough to be truly "representative"
Ken, one of the ways to reach out where you can really help is the one I
just proposed a day earlier: 
let the registrars point to an IC website and signup page on the ICANN site.
Would your Afilias group be willing to contemplate that?

The argument about representativity will only become acute, when the
"constituency" becomes a mouthpiece for interests other that those that
typically concern Individual registrants. (TM lobby, ICANN staff,
registrars, ISP's , IBM, Verisign, some national political grouping, etc.)

You input in how to prevent this, other than by attracting a broad-based
membership would be appreciated.

--Joop Teernstra-- 
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