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[ga] Another Membership Study - Berkman Center Representation in CyberspaceStudy (and MAC)

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From: "Karl Auerbach" <karl@cavebear.com>
Sent: May 20, 2001 17:12

On Sun, 20 May 2001, Ben Edelman wrote:

>...  I appreciate the
> critique in <http://www.atlargestudy.org/forum_archive/msg00002.shtml> --
> that the ALSC needs an "in-depth consideration of the benefits and goals
> At-Large involvement"...

This is one of the reasons why I consider this current "At-Large Study
Committee" to be not particularly relevant and somewhat of a waste of time
and money.

The existance of the at large is simply not a matter that is open to

The power of the at-large to directly elect a meaningful set of directors
in elections not subject to management/ICANN manipulation is simply not a
matter that is open to question.

The power of the at-large to be the body to which the corporate entity of
ICANN shall be legally accountable is simply not a matter that is open to

If one thinks that questioning the "benefits and goals" of the at-large is
a legitimate task, then it stands to reason that such an inqury must also
equally question the benefits and goals of the Supporting Organizations
and of ICANN itself.

> I think it's interesting and quite enlightening to revisit the
> thoughts and worries of two years ago in the context of current
> discussions.)

Much agreed.  But I go further and suggest that that prior work is more
than sufficient.

By-the-way, I note that the quote in
http://www.atlargestudy.org/forum_archive/msg00002.shtml contains a
perceptual error - that participation in an at-large is somehow a
compensation for denial of entry into decision making parts of the
Supporting Organizations.  This fact of the matter is that the SOs and the
at-large are utterly distinct kinds of entities.  The former are ICANN's
"primary" vehicles for policy development and the at-large has no policy
role at all.  Consequently, the existance of an at-large should never,
ever be considered as some sort of substitute for a full role for
individuals in the various Supporting Organizations.


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