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[ga] Motion - DNS Developper Constituency - Acknowldegement for a Study

After the approval of plan B by the Doc leading to a M$ 200
development effort on the DNS, after various propositions of
multi-bind solutions, after the entrance of the market of several
plug-ins of which the purpose if to modify the user's string
sent to the DNS, after the different official studies engaged
in order to review the DNS (including the NAS current study
on White House request), after the annoucement or the
public knowlegde of plans of several private galaxies, IMHO
it becomes advisable that the BoD stays abreast in matter
of independent politcial, commercial, technical trends and
initiatives in matter of DNS evolution and helps a development
coordinated with the SSRAC and the CRADA,

I therefore move the following motion to the Chair:

The General Assembly of the DNSO resolves to express its
support for the acknowledgement of the need for an DNS
Developper Constituency by the ICANN Board in accordance
with its Bylaws. The General Assembly of the DNSO
recommends to the ICANN Board that to foster the study and
the preparation of such an Individual User Constituency it
places an approval in principle on its agenda for a decision
at the Stockholm plennary session.


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