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[ga] Motion - DNS Developper Constituency - Acknowldegement for a Study

With he approval by the iCANN of the .biz and .info TLDs,
the negotiation of the other TLDs approved at the MDR
meetng, the annoucement that pending applications
would be reconsidered at later stage and that new TLDs
will be registered in the future, it becomes necessary to
provide a proper constituency to these TLDs and to the
projects of new TLDs, so they may work together with
the iCANN common recommended practices, share
experience in the best common interest, keep informed
the BoD on the market eveolution, etc...

I therefore move the following motion to the Chair:

The General Assembly of the DNSO resolves to express
its support for the acknowledgement of the need for an
global TLD Constituency by the ICANN Board. Such a
constituency will welcome all the non country code TLDs
and shall be formed in changing the name of the 'gTLD
Constituency' into  'TLD Constituency' and in modifying
the bylaw for this constituency to accept as Members
the new and candidate TLDs. The General Assembly of
the DNSO recommends to the ICANN Board places the
decision to change such a name and to call for a review
of the resulting change to be brought to the ByLaws on its
agenda for a decision at the Stockholm plennary session.


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