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RE: [ga] No Members?


You're right -- we have been discussing this since the At Large process last
year.  As the posted statistics make clear
<http://www.atlargestudy.org/stats/summary1.shtml>, ICANN received 10,334
returned letters.  As I explained in Marina del Rey last November, a large
portion of those involve addresses in countries where ASCII characters are
not commonly used.  We followed international standards for addressing, but
it is not surprising that errors were made by the applicants or postal
authorities.  As you note, we have also discussed this problem on the
icann-eu list.  Kent's points are correct -- all of the info he mentions has
been publicly available since last year.


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[ Joanna,
[ Now that the intervention of the list monitor has reconducted the thread 
[ into the limits of civil discourse, may I add something.
[ >Kent,
[ >You know, I would be most interested to know where you get this kind of
[ >information from. It's almost as if there's a private dialogue running
[ >offlist between you and a member of staff, providing you with answers to
[ >questions as they crop up. I mean, how could you possibly know there are
[ >boxes and boxes of undeliverable letters that contain a very 
[ large number 
[ >of
[ >addresses with non-roman character set unless you were there at the time
[ >physically in the office handling the post. Very odd to my way 
[ of thinking.
[ I knew that too.
[ In fact, I had several private conversations and exchange of 
[ e-mail messages 
[ with ICANN Staff on this subject, mostly with Andrew McLaughlin.
[ My point is that there is nothing secret in what Kent has said. 
[ There have 
[ been some postings from Andrew on this subject on icann-eu, a public list 
[ about European AtLarge members(1).
[ I am not sure, but I think that the issue about boxes of returned letters 
[ has been even mentioned by Andrew in Marina del Rey.
[ Regards
[ Roberto
[ (1) Disclaimer: I mean members in the broad sense, not necessarily in the 
[ sense of California Law ;>)
[ >
[ >
[ >On Wed, Apr 04, 2001 at 01:54:24PM -0700, Kristy McKee wrote:
[ > > Now that we've heard from the cheerleaders will someone from the team
[ > > please answer the question... I'd like to know where the money went as
[ >well.
[ >
[ >The original Markle grant was for a total of $200000, as I recall.
[ >There were over 150000 people who signed up, every one of them had a
[ >letter printed and mailed to them, and most of those were overseas.
[ >Though I don't know the details, obviously the entire original grant
[ >could easily have been swallowed in letter production and mailing costs
[ >alone.  More than half of the people sent letters did not finish the
[ >registration process; a very large number of letters were returned,
[ >especially from countries with non-roman character sets.
[ >
[ >Jody Baram was the project manager, her $30,000 for 6 months included
[ >benefits; that translates to around $30-40K per year as a normal paid
[ >employee.  Chicken feed, considering how incredibly thankless and
[ >stressful the job was.  I sure hope her next job was more congenial.
[ >
[ >The program went way over budget; I believe that the shortfall was made
[ >up through ICANN's operating funds, and perhaps an additional grant from
[ >Markle.  Jody's contract was extended at least once to help deal with
[ >the left over work, of which there was a lot.  There are boxes and boxes
[ >of undeliverable letters that were returned.  They were still getting
[ >returns from far away places, last I heard.
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