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Re: [ga] something about decorum


Personally, I hold a great deal of respect for Patrick Corliss. He has been
largely on the mark with most internet issues, and I think you mischaracterise
him badly. I find myself by and large in agreement with him, and this has been
for some time by now. (long before he was nominated to be chair of this list). 

I think most people if not every single person on this list, has an agenda of
some sort. So what. I've had a lot of discussions with Patrick on and offlist -
I have to say I have no 'objection' to his 'agenda', which I happen to find
rather honest and above board. His response to Kristy was completely honest and
truthfully told as well, given my own experiences with some of the 'players' on
these lists. And an opinion more than likely shared by a majority here,
including myself.

all the best, Robin
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