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[ga] something about decorum

Mr. Corliss,

I refer to your self humiliating post regarding Mr. Jeff Williams, a man
who has suffered my abuse in the past, as many can attest to.

But your post went beyond the bounds of correctness for this list I
demand that you retract it immediately.  You showed your agenda for this
list and it cannot be condoned.  you showed that you do have an agenda
other than being a co-chair and frankly the reasons therefor are too
difficult to explain on the list. Although I will if begged (Come on
Bill beg me ) then I will.

freedom of speech may not be important to you but I have lost to many to
count protecting that right.  You should ask some Aussi Vets what they
think of it, in my visit I heard enough to be sure of the answer!

You work with groups, that is as soft as I can put it, that are directly
opposed to the mission of ICANN yet you run for this Chair, how dare
you.  I for one will oppose you on every agenda you take as any part of
the chair because I am sure you have an "alternate" agenda behind you.
(nice play on words if I say so myself)
    I have researched all I can and cannot find a single document that
indicates the Alternate root have any co-existance philosophy.  You have
an alternate root conflict society plain and clear, and I pity the poor
fool you voted for you and find out otherwise.
    You have misrepresnted your position as a candidate for chair.

CONCEPT AS NORMAL DISCUSSION.  any attack levied back upon me should be
subject to the same forgiveness.
Otherwise I would level a complaint against my brother Corliss.

Most Sincerely,

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