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[ga] Policy & govern

If you review the meanings of these words you can find that it is very
easy to say.
ICANN is not a governing body - and be correct.
ICANN is a governing body -and be equally correct.
The same can be said for Policy making body.

I think the point is as we move forward that it is very helpful to try
and look at the concept being presented and not at the linguistic
sophistry of the words. I believe this will also lead to more progress
and less antogonism.


                     Main Entry: gov·ern
                     Pronunciation: 'g&-v&rn
                     Function: verb
                     Etymology: Middle English, from Old French
governer, from Latin
                     gubernare to steer, govern, from Greek kybernan
                     Date: 14th century
                     transitive senses
                     1 a : to exercise continuous sovereign authority
over; especially : to
                     control and direct the making and administration of
policy in b : to rule
                     without sovereign power and usually without having
the authority to
                     determine basic policy
                     2 a archaic : MANIPULATE b : to control the speed
of (as a machine)
                     especially by automatic means
                     3 a : to control, direct, or strongly influence the
actions and conduct of
                     b : to exert a determining or guiding influence in
or over <income must
                     govern expenditure> c : to hold in check : RESTRAIN

                     4 : to require (a word) to be in a certain case
                     5 : to serve as a precedent or deciding principle
for <customs that
                     govern human decisions>
                     intransitive senses
                     1 : to prevail or have decisive influence : CONTROL

                     2 : to exercise authority
                     - gov·ern·able /-v&r-n&-b&l/ adjective

                     Main Entry: 1pol·i·cy
                     Pronunciation: 'pä-l&-sE
                     Function: noun
                     Inflected Form(s): plural -cies
                     Usage: often attributive
                     Etymology: Middle English policie government,
policy, from Middle
                     French, government, regulation, from Late Latin
                     Date: 15th century
                     1 a : prudence or wisdom in the management of
affairs b : management
                     or procedure based primarily on material interest
                     2 a : a definite course or method of action
selected from among
                     alternatives and in light of given conditions to
guide and determine
                     present and future decisions b : a high-level
overall plan embracing the
                     general goals and acceptable procedures especially
of a governmental

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