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i just assumed based on the nomination situation and the fact I thought
they would enforce that 10 nomination rule, that I was never in the
running for chair.  I did not care, for those of you just watching it
has been when heck of a fun ride.  One of the really cool things was the
confidence that some of these big players put me into.
    Wow these guys have been fighting each other for years, they have
lost domain names and government contracts worth BBilllions. This is
really neat because the way rules currently are I can ask you to revote
and vote the last time for me.
    REALLY YOU CAN REVOTE AND VOTE FOR ME.  If you take a man yelling
and kicking and screaming and make him take the post, you have your man.

If you take a man who really wants it you have OUR MAN.
    No, unequivocally Corliss is not the guy due to conflicts and
agendas which hit the heart of the survival of ICANN.

I still have more post before I take of to the consulate in SF in the
early am. All of you people rock.

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